Personal Photography

This was one of my most personal projects, I wanted to try and explore the divided between small towns in England, this was after the famous EU referendum. One of the downsides of this project is that I felt like it never went in a certain direction, I wasn't quIte sure how I could explain the divided without it looking bias or set up.

The two towns were polar opposites, Woodhall Spa, a small town in the heart of Lincolnshire, an affluent area that still has a 'traditional' functioning highstreet and no large chain stores or supermarkets, and Shirebrook a small ex mining community that got forgot about, both seem stuck in time, but in two very different ways. The camera used (Cannon Sure shot 505 Zoom, 38-105mm)  makes it seem like the photos were taken in a different era. During the time of the project the UK was at odds with its self, the EU Referendum and the subsequent/ previous elections had played a large part in the ever growing divided throughout the UK, exploring this was a fragile task, that I found hard to explain.  

I was unsure as to what to do with the photos, so I started matching them up, and connecting them with Blue and Red string, the two colours that had managed to divide us in the first place. I still think that there is something deeper within this project. 

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