Travelling Library

This project was from 2016, the brief was to  use every word from two pages of the play 'Amedee' making it into a book at end. I had never used letterpress before this, however this is where I fell in love with type. 

I had been messing around with layout and typography before but this was one of the most daunting projects, taking a leap into the unknown was an exciting risk. 

Working with words only was a new challenge, I thought about how I could make them into something else. My first port of call was looking into the meaning of the words. I used the definition to try and make the words into pieces of art . For example the definition of  'body' was 'the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal', this definition lead me to cutting up each letter and separating them into small parts which would in turn make the 'body' of the word. I did this process with each line of script picking out the most interesting word.

I still look back at this project with great fondness, it made me realise how important research was as well as taking a risk. 

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